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Match Quality Gloves

The Future In Goalkeeping

Delivered To Your Door


Don’t Let Your Game Suffer

Most Goalkeepers today buy one pair of gloves. Once the grip gets too worn or they need to play their best to showcase their skills they buy a new pair.

Their training then suffers. That pair becomes so worn their fingers poke through and they can no longer catch the ball. The amount of times their equipment fails these players is countless. Would field players wear cleats if the studs were worn flat. No chance! They would slip and fall every time they changed directions.

This is why we developed Klub Glovz. A Goalkeeper Glove Subscription. Goalkeepers of all ages and skill level are able to receive Match Quality Gloves delivered to their door. You can now have confidence in your training gloves. This will be a complete GAME CHANGER!!!


Your Glove Game

Removable Finger Protection

This is…

How it Works.

Pick your Plan & Color

Choose how many gloves you would like and what color you prefer.

Get your delivery

Depending on the plan you choose, determines how many pairs you receive and the frequency of when you receive them. You can always ugrade or downgrade as you seem fit.

Go to Work

Do your thing. Now that you will have a pair of gloves that you can rely on, you will be able to showcase your skills.




Designed for maximum comfort


Supreme German Latex


Removable Finger Protection


Ultra Durable, Turf Approved

Here’s our

Glove Selection

There is no wrong choice. Select the glove that fits your style. Whether you are your team’s White Knight or do you pull of tremendous saves to which your teammates think you have Black Magic.


All white. Designed to compliment your Clean technique.


All Black. These gloves are styled to bring out your stealth mode.

Pricing Plans

Choose a plan that works with your level of Goalkeeping. Advanced Goalkeepers need 6 plus pairs per year.


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